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Allene PYCCARD was born about 1505, died 25 December 1558, in Willoughby,

Waterleys, Leicestershire, England. He was married to a wife named Annes or

Agnes. They had at least two children. He may have been a farmer since his

will lists his furniture, household items, animals and farm equipment. Annes

probably died at WW in 1564.


JOHN PICKARD (Son of Allene Pyckard)

John PICKARD, yeoman, was the son of Allene. He was born about 1530, in WW.

He married a woman named Margaret and they had at least six children. He died

around 1616. His son Robert was the executor of his will.



Robert PICKARD, yeoman, son of John, was probably born at WW no later than

1557 and was buried there 20 June 1634. He left a will which named several in

his family. He was married to Margaret BOTT 2 August 1578 and they had six




John PICKARD, yeoman, son of Robert PICKARD, baptized at WW, 3 December

1580, died intestate after 7 May 1630, when he was named in his father's

will. Before 1611, John married a woman whose first name is unknown. Her

surname was HICH. She was the brother of Bartholomew Hich. They had seven




Robert PICKARD, yeoman, son of John, was baptized at WW 18 August, 1611, and

died there 26 August, 1657. He married there, Bridget STRETTON, baptized at

WW 29 December, 1616, died there 3 March, 1672. She was the daughter of

William STRETTON of WW. Robert and Bridget had seven children.



Bartolomew PICKARD, Freeman of Leicester, was born 25 August, 1648, at WW

the son of Robert and Bridget PICKARD. He moved from Willoughby to Leicester

and was apprentice of William Springthorpe, cordwainer. About 1670, he

married Dorothy (---). He died and was buried on 16 March, 1678, at the age

of twenty-nine. He left three or four small children. Dorothy's later history

is unknown.



Bartholomew PICKERT [PICKARD] Bartholomew was a soldier and emigrant to

the colony of New York. He was born at Leicester, England, and baptized in

St. Martin's, September 18, 1676. His parents were Bartholomew and Dorothy


In 1697, Bartholomew joined His Majesty's Army and shipped out with three

companies of troops consisting of two hundred men to New York. They were

deployed to protect the Northern Frontier from raids by the French and their

Indian allies. He was transferred to Schenectady near the end of 1698. It was

here that he met and married a Dutch girl, Eechje [Eva] CLAES on November 12,

1698. She had been born near Schenectady about 1680. Her father may have been

Nicholas Claes.

They were members of the Reformed Church of Schenectady. Their first

three children were baptized there. About 1706, they moved to Albany, where

Bart was a Grenadier in Colonel Richard Ingoldsby's Company until sometime

after 1713.

He was granted a lot for a farm about six miles west of Albany on the

King's Highway on January 15, 1717. He farmed there until 1723, when he was

granted a patent at Stone Arabia for 940 acres. His neighbors were the

Palatines who had come over in 1709, and were finally receiving some land of

their own. Since the record keepers were most likely German or at least

expected all the local inhabitants to be German, it may explain why

Bartholomew was recorded as Pikkert rather than Pickard. He is even described

in one source as one of the distressed Palatines who came in 1709.

Bartholomew died in New York, in 1742. He may have been buried on his farm.

Bart and Eva acquired property on the east side of Canajoharie about

1731. It was supposedly a gift to them by the Mohawks and had been confirmed

by a "Moonlight survey." Apparently Eva PIKKERT and Sir William JOHNSON were

at odds about the legality of this gift. She is mentioned in more than one

letter in the Jonhson Papers. Eva died when she was about eighty-five years

old, shortly after she and her grandson Jacobus Mabie were evicted by Sir

William JOHNSON from this property in 1767.



Nicholas was born at Schenectady, New York, and baptized February 23, 1701.

His parents were Bartholomeus PICKERT and Eechje CLAESZ [Eva KLAESEN].

Nicholas married Anna Barbara WEISER about 1724. She was the daughter of John

Conrad WEISER, the Palatine leader and the sister of Colonel Conrad Weiser,

the Indian agent for Pennsylvania. (Note from Donna NFlem32@aol.com: Conrad Weiser came to the US in 1710 with the Palatines and settled in the Hudson Valley. A lot has been written about him, including a novel about his son, John. A fairly good account of Weiser is in the Story of the Palatines by Stanford Cobb.)

Nicholas and Barbara had seven children,

all of who had issue. Nicholas died sometime after 1756.



He lived in what is now Montgomery Co, NY, as early as 1750; Name, appearing

in the records of the Lutheran Church of Stone Arabia.

Member Committee of Vigilance for town of Springfield 1779 (Kate M Gray,

History of Springfield NY 1935 Pg 13)

Served in American Revolution Apr 13 1779 DAR Register

Daughter Catherine bapt 4-24-1754 Sponsors: Heinrich Walrath, Rachel


DAR PATRIOT INDEX: Conrad Sr: b c 1727 GR d 8-5-1827 NY m Anna Margaretha

Walradt PS NY He was married to Anna Mary Margaret (Ann Margaretha) Walrath

on 23 Jun 1751 in Albany, NY.

Also reported that Bartholomew was a twin, LDS Record (2691-5D)



Notes for ADOLPHUS PICKARD: Served in American Revolution Sgt NY, PNSR,

Pension Claim #18162 (from DAR records) Other members of the Canajoharie

Pickard family who served in Colonel Samuel Clyde's Canajoharie Regiment in

the War of the American Revolution were: Conrad, Adolph, Nicholas, Conradt,

and George, who served as privates, and John, who served as Ensign. Isaac and

Henry Bickard (Pickard) also served in the same regiment. Allowed a pension

from Sept 22, 1786 on account of a disability resulting from the wound

received at the battle of Oriskamy, left shoulder Many 1778. with Col

Campbell's Regt

Living in Springfield, NY, 1818

Living in LeRay, Jefferson Co, NY, 1833

Was a Private, Corporal and Sargeant in the Military

DAR Partriot Index: Adolph: b1761 NY d 7-23-1846 NY m Catherine Spaulsbury

Sgt NY PNSR He was married to Catherine SPAULDING (SPAULSBURY) about 1785



Johannes Pickert was born at Little Falls, NY, on 28 May 1760. He married

Magdalena Gerlock, the daughter of John Adam Gerlock. He died at Ellery, NY,

on 30 Aug 1827.



The NY Geneal. and Bio. Record, Jul 1991

The Papers of Sir Wm. JOHNSON, Vol 12

(These notes courtesy of The Finch Family, finfam@Alaska.NET)


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