John Pearson

Pearson Family Photos

This gallery contains photos and information about the descendants of John Pearson and Phoebe Catherine Campbell. These are the families of their sons John Joseph Pearson and George Fred William Pearson. Click on the photos & links below to view larger images and family files.

Phoebe Campbell

Phoebe Campbell's Family

Goerge Adam Campbell brother of Phoebe Catherine

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Family Portrait

John & Phoebe & one of their children


One of John & Phoebe's ships

Campbell & Reg Pearson
Sons of
John Joseph Pearson
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Family File

Campbell Pearson

Reginald Pearson

George Pearson

Family File
50th Wedding Anniversary

John Parker Pearson
Son of George (above)

Obituary of James Horace Pearson
WWI Veteran and son of George (above right)