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Children of Henry Pearson (Sr) and Rebecca Donohoe
We don't know yet where Henry Pearson was born in Ireland but we do have the following possible info:

Based on a database of all householders in Ireland in the 1850s, Pearson is not an uncommon name. We have Pearsons in Antrim, Armagh (predominantly)and Wicklow among other places. In Co. Tyrone there was a John and a Thomas Pearson living.
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Griffith's Valuation Records: Most of the Pearson listings were in Armagh; found a Thomas and John in the same parish. Here are the ones found:

In Armagh:

John - (Parish) Eglish (location) Mullantur

John - (Parish) Kilmore (location) Tullygarden

Thomas - (Parish) Drumcree (location) Drumnasoo

Thomas - (Parish) Killevy (location) Clogharevan, Village of Bessbrook

Thomas - (Parish) Kilmore (location) Mullaletragh

In Tyrone:

John - (Parish) Clogher (location) Beigh Glebe

Thomas - (Parish) Clonfeacle (location) Donnydeade

Matthew Pearson (possibly born 1824)
Matthew Pearson is mentioned on land records for the family farm and was listed (with Sophia Grey) as a witness at the wedding of John Pearson and Phoebe Catherine Campbell but no other records have been found to confirm or specify what his exact relationship was to this family. The 1871 census for Ontario lists a Matthew Pearson, 47, born Ontario, religion Wesleyan Methodist, Ethnicity - Irish, Occupation farmer, living in Goderich, Dist 025, subdist F.

James Ross Pearson
Born 1831 in Brampton, Ontario (Churchville/Toronto Township/Home District)
Died 1859 in Brampton Ontario
Buried in Churchville cemetery. Head stone inscription reads: died age 28 years 6 months and 13 days. No records found as yet of marriage and/or children.

Ephraim K Pearson
Born 1832 in Brampton, Ontario (Churchville/Toronto Township/Home District)
Died March 9, 1866 in Brampton Ontario
Buried in Churchville cemetery. Head stone inscription reads: died age 34 years 6 months and 15 days. No records found as yet of marriage and/or children.

Children of Henry Pearson (Jr) and Elleanor Gundy

Two children. Unknown names. Ellen (Gundy) Pearson listed herself and two infant children as the survivors of Henry Pearson at his death in 1872. The Perkins Bull papers at the Ontario Archives contains the following note: "William Pearson married to Ellen Gundy - daughter married Robert Golden."

Children of John Pearson and Phoebe Campbell

Eleanor Louisa Pearson: 1855-1941
Married David R. Duncan 1856 - 1932. See Related Surnames.

Melissa Caroline Pearson: 1851-1935
Married Richard M. Gilhuly 1858 - 1925. See Related Surnames.

James Matthew Pearson: 1867-1912

Children of John Joseph Pearson and Mary Jane Ford

Lillian Forde (or Ford) Pearson
Born January 30, 1882 in Owen Sound, Ontario
Family moved to Holland Manitoba. Lillian appears on the 1901 census
Family stories say she married a chartered accountant, maybe a US citizen and moved to California. Lillian's brother Reginald Oldfield Pearson spent some time with her in California in the 1920's. While there he joined the U.S. army cavalry. Visit our photo gallery to see Reg in his uniform.

Earl Pickard Pearson
Born May 21, 1885 in Owen Sound, Ontario
Moved to British Columbia. Had two sons. Brother Reginald Pearson also lived in British Columbia until his death.

Willard John Pearson
Born November 13, 1899 in Holland, Manitoba
Willard is mentioned in the Pearson Homestead files in letters written by his older brother Campbell. He moved to the US. Was issued a SSN in Oregon State circa 1933
SS records indicate he died in May 1952
SSN 544-22-3070

Children of Frank Pearson and Helen Barclay

Mary Pearson & Catherine Pearson (both nurses)
George Barclay Pearson married Doris Esther Williams, lived for a time in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Frank H. Pearson married Jeanette Lucille Gagne, moved to Santa Rosa, California
This family originally lived in Fort Francis, Ontario.

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