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Robert Campbell

Notes From: Catherine Webb

Campbell, Robert. Sergeant. Law student when the war began. Joined 23 Oct 1777. "On command" 3 Feb 1778. In Butler's company, twenty-seven years old and single in 1783. Wife in 1784. Land entitlement in 1792 totalled 800 acres. Settled in Grantham Township, Upper Canada, and built a grist mill on Twelve Mile Creek. Upper Canada Land Petition states that he served as a Sergeant Major. On the UE List, 1797. Ensign, 2nd Regiment Lincoln Militia in 1792, Captain in 1797. He and his seven sons served in the War of 1812. Married Mary, daughter of Frederick Smith. Eleven children. Died prior to 1831. Smith, Frederick Senior. Private. Native of Germany. Settled at Westmoreland, Pa. Prisoner of War 25 Oct 1781 to 24 Dec 1783. Hel in "the New Goal" at Philadelphia, 5 Feb 1782. In Caldwell's company, with three children in 1783. Wife and four children in 1786. Land entitlement in 1792 totalled 300 acres. Settled at Marysburg. Three children granted land as children of a UE Loyalist.

The primary source for this material, and the place for most original BR material, is the Haldimand Papers. Microfilm copies are held by major libraries.

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Peter Smith Campbell

Notes From: Catherine Webb

Jacob Dittrick's will (I think he married one of Catherine Pickard's sisters) was witnessed by Peter Smith Campbell. I have a transcribed copy. The will was dated August 22, 1828 and was made by Jacob Dittrick of the Township of Grantham in the County of Lincoln. It states:

"Which said will is witnessed by Peter S Campbell of the Township of Sydenham (sic) in the County of Waterloo"

Following Dittrick's death, PSC made an oath and said that he was personally present and did see Jacob Dittrick sign the original will. PSC is listed as "Peter Smith Campbell of the Township of Sydenham in the County of Waterloo Merchant" This was signed at St. Catharines in the County of Lincoln this twenty ninth day of March in the year of our Lord One thousand eighteen hundred and fifty three.

Catherine Pickard wife of Peter Smith Campbell

Notation from Index to Births, Marriages and Deaths gleaned by the Bruce-Grey Branch of the Ontario Geneaological Society from studying the Owen Sound Times newspaper. This book has in its Friday, Sept. 20, 1872 section "Died on Sunday 15 inst. at the residence of her son-in-law, Catherine, relict of the late Lieut.-Col. Peter Campbell, aged 78 years."

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