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3rd Generation:
John Joseph Pearson

Second Eldest son of John Pearson and Phoebe Catherine Campbell
Born 1856 in Owen Sound, Ontario
Died April 1, 1910 in Holland, Manitoba
Buried in Brookdale Cemetery, Holland Manitoba.

Records Found

John Joseph Pearson's eldest son Campbell was born on July 31, 1883 in Owen Sound, Ontario. The physician in attendance was Allan Cameron. John J. Pearson reported the birth. The birth record lists the family as living on Scrope Street in Owen Sound and John J. Pearson lists his occupation as teamster.

An 1892 Rutherford's Directory of Owen Sound lists: Pearson, John - Drayman - 206 Scrope St.

Notes from Owen Sound Archives:

1883 - John J Pearson was a 1st Lieutenant of the Owen Sound Fire Brigade. He was present on the Fireman's Excursion trip on the steamer Magnet that was stormstayed and stranded a crowd of excursionists, causing some worry back home as to their fate. John Pearson was one of the signers of a testimonial to Captain A.G. McLeod of the steamer Magnet to thank him.

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Mary Jane Ford
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Died 1949, Kelvington, Saskatchewan
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Lillian Forde Pearson born January 30, 1882
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Campbell Pearson 1883 -1973
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Earl Pickard Pearson born May 21, 1885
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George Henry Pearson 1887 - 1888

Harold Arthur Pearson 1897 - 1900

Willard John Pearson born November 13, 1899
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Reginald Oldfield Pearson 1903 - 1982
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John Joseph Pearson - Transcript of letters in Pearson Homestead File/Holland Manitoba

Holland Oct. 21st 1900 - to Hon J. A. Davidson, Winnipeg: Dear Sir, Your letter of the 8th received and am much obliged of your information as regards of prices on lands. If you would kindly hold section 12 township 9 range 12 for me until I can find the correct marks to know which half I want. It is very hard to find the markings as the fire has run over that country and burnt all the stakes. If their is any person making application to the same land let me know at once. Am obliged. J. J. Pearson

Nov. 12, 1900 - The Provincial Lands Commission, Winnipeg: Dear Sir, Enclosed please find two applications to purchase land. One from J.J. Pearson and one from L. Newby. Together with express money orders for $80.00. We also wish to purchase 80 acres each of the S.E. 1/4 of Sec 12 T 9 R 12. Kindly advise us if this can be arranged. If so please forward two application papers for us to fill out. Am obliged. Yours truly, J. J. Pearson / Lawrence Newby

Holland Nov. 21 1900 - to Hon J. A. Davidson, Winnipeg: Dear Sir, I received your receipt for forty dollars. Much Thanks for holding said lands. I also asked you if you could give Mr. L. Newby and myself eighty acres each of SE 1/4 of 12 Township 9 range 12. If you can send applications if not I will take it myself. The reason we want it is will make us two good farms and we want to be close together as neighbors are scarce in that local. Yours truly, J. J. Pearson

Holland Feb. 1 1901 - to Hon J. A. Davidson, Winnipeg: Dear Sir, Inclosed find twenty dollars $20.00. I would have sent in application before only it is hard to get money. Hopefully I am not to late. Yours truly, J. J. Pearson

Department of Provincial Lands, Manitoba. (Swamp Lands) Application to Purchase:

I, J.J. Pearson of the village of Holland in the Province of Manitoba do hereby apply to purchase the W 1/2 of SE quarter section 12 Township 9 Range 12 of the First Meridian, in the Province of Manitoba, containing 80 acres at the rate of $2.50 per acre, subject to the following conditions: To pay the purchase money. $200 as follows: One tenth in cash on the date hereof, the balance in eight equal installments on the First of November in each year, or such other time as the Commissioner may decide, with interest at six per cent, payable with each installment. All taxes, whether municipal or otherwise, imposed upon said lands to be paid by the applicant. In the case of abandonment by the applicant, or cancellation, all moneys paid or improvements made upon said lands are forfeited, and no improvements to be removed until final payment is made. No wood or timber to be cut from said land except what is necessary for fuel and fencing for actual and necessary use thereon, and for buildings to be erected thereon. All valuable stone, coal or other minerals are reserved by the Province.

In case of assignment, such assignment must be in writing, and approved of by the Commissioner. The Commissioner to be at liberty to re-sell if the applicant fails to make his payments when due, or fails in the performance of any of the conditions of his purchase. My name, occupation and Post Office address is as hereunder written. Name of Applicant: John Joseph Pearson Occupation: Butcher Address: Holland, Manitoba - May 2, 1901.

After JJ's death in 1910, his eldest son Campbell took over the correspondence. Click here to read Campbell's letters.

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