Campbell Family

Peter Campbell

Notes from C. Webb: The photo was taken circa 1850's - 1860's and the gentleman looks about the right age to be Peter Smith Campbell born 1791.

Notes From Perkins Bull:

Peter Smith Campbell came to Chinguacousy in 1819 (? still living Grantham census 1828), with his 6 brothers, farmed there for a number of years and then went to Owen Sound where he later died. Peter fought in the war of 1812 as a pte in Flank Co., 1st Reg., Lincoln Militia, and was a Lieut in the 7th Reg. North York Militia in the Rebellion of 1837. In 1838, he was made Capt. of the 7th Reg. In 1846, he was Capt. of the 7th Battalion York Militia. He was a Pathmaster and member of LOL 247. On 18th March, 1833, as a grant, he purchased 100 acres for 150 (pounds), notably Lot 25, Con 1, Ching W. In 1836, he received as a grant another 100 acres - Lot 33, Con 1, Ching. E. Peter's parents were Robert Campbell U.E.L. Grantham Twp., Lincoln Co. and Priscilla (Mary) Smith - this from Perkins bull Papers.

Lot 25, Conc. 1, Ching. W (100 acres)

In 1825 patent for this lot to Robert Campbell for 25 pounds. 1833, Robert sold this lot to Peter Campbell for 150 pounds. 1845, Peter sold the lot to Ed Welsh for 412 pounds and 10 shillings. 1851, it was later sold to Hustler and eventually to Rob Brody. It is the 3rd lot south of Victoria, bordering Hurontario (noted in Historical Atlas, County of Peel, Official Plans and Surveys by J.H. Pope Esq. 1877.

On June 23, 1836 Peter Campbell received another 100 acres as a grant for 25 pounds.

Lot 33 Conc. 1, Ching. E 1/2

In 1837, Peter sold it to Robert Mc Callum for 125 pounds. 1846 Rob McCallum sold said land to John Wiggins for 375 pounds.

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George Adam Campbell

Notes from C. Webb: My grandmother Phoebe Mildred Campbell wrote "Grandpa & Grandma Campbell" on this photograph . I know this is George Adam Campbell but I'm not sure if this is Sarah Vanwyck. He was married more than once.

Photo taken at Geo Holmes Photo, Owen Sound.

Peter Smith Campbell above is George's father and Phoebe Catherine below is his sister. View Related Surnames for more information.

Phoebe Catherine Campbell

Notes from V. Pincombe: John Pearson, Phoebe Catherine Campbell and one of their children. (Probably one of their sons)

Notes from marriage record Toronto Anglican Diocese Archives:

This day were married by license, John Pearson, Merchant of the Township of Chinguacousy, Canada West, bachelor to Phoebe Catherine Campbell of Owen Sound, Canada West, Spinster by me, R. J. Macgregor, Incumbent of Trinity Church, Streetsville. Witnesses Matthew Pearson and Sophia Gray.

Owen Sound Times Obit 1901 - Death of Mrs. John Pearson

"One of the first settlers in Owen Sound in the person of Mrs. John Pearson, passed away on Saturday morning last in her 71st year after a short illness. Her maiden name was Campbell, daughter of the late Captain (Peter Smith) Campbell, who was resident on Hill street over fifty years ago. The funeral will take place this Tuesday afternoon.

George Adam Campbell above was Phoebe's brother. View Related Surnames for more information.

Robert Campbell

Notes from C. Webb: "My Grandmother Phoebe Mildred Campbell wrote "Robert Campbell" on this photo - I am not sure who he is or where he fits in.


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