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Campbell Pearson
Eldest Son of John Joseph Pearson & Mary Jane Ford.



Campbell Pearson 1883-1977 and Helen Leslie 1887-1975

Campbell Pearson was born on July 31, 1883 in Owen Sound, Ontario. He moved to Holland, Manitoba with his family in early 1900's. Campbell took over running the family farm upon his father's death in 1910. Campbell's wife Helen Leslie was born on November 1, 1887 in Walkerton, Ontario. Her parents were Thomas Leslie and Margaret Robertson. Thomas Leslie lists his occupation as farmer. Campbell and Helen had seven children. They moved to Kelvington, Saskatchewan to homestead around 1930.


Transcript of letters by Campbell Pearson in Pearson Homestead File/Holland, Manitoba:

Holland May 16, 1916 - to Dominion Lands Office, Winnipeg: Dear Sir; In answer to your letter no. 69 file no. 157982 re homesteads in 18, 9,11, W - I wish to say that I wrote you on behalf of my mother Mrs. M. J. Pearson and my brother W. Pearson. My mother Mrs. M. J. Pearson is the sole head of a family and is, I believe entitled to homestead as she has never made entry for a homestead. She is owner at present of the N.E. 1/4, 12, 9, 12, which is adjacent to 18,9,11 and she wishes to homestead the N.W. 1/4 of 18, 9, 11 too. My brother W. Pearson is only 17 years old which is I believe is underage for him to make homestead entry but if it's possible, he would like to make entry for the S.E. 1/4 of 18-9-11 and perform his duties after coming of age. In the case of both, my mother and brother, they wish to do some breaking upon the land this summer, if it were possible to complete their entry in time. I might say that I am well acquainted with the character of the land in 18,9,11 and I do not think that their is more than 80 acres of arable land on any one. The rest being sand hills only useful as pasture. Yours truly, C. Pearson

Holland June 8, 1916 - to Dominion Lands Office, Winnipeg: Dear Sir; In your letter of May 10, re 18-9-11W you stated that if I desired to homestead any portion of this section except the S. W. I should notify your office and a report as to the character of the land could be asked for and that it might be made available for homestead entry. So I wish to make homestead entry for the N.W. and the S.E. on behalf of my mother and brother. I would ask that if possible a report as to the character of the land might be made and that you would advise me if it is made available for homestead entry. Yours truly C. Pearson

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