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Welcome to the Pearson Family Genealogy Forum. Here you will find information dating from 1792 to present day. This family tree begins in Ireland with Henry Pearson and has branches that stretch across Canada and the United States.



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To find out if you may be related to our tree, start at the History Page to view information about Henry Pearson and his descendants. Links from that page will take you to the various branches of our family tree that currently have information available. If you find a connection and have information to share, we'd love to hear from you. Contact our webmaster by clicking on the mailbox below. If you're not related to us, check the Pearson Genealogy Forum and post a query about your Pearson Family Tree.

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Visit our Missing Pearsons Page to view the names of various descendants from our family tree that we have been unable to trace. Check our Related Surnames to see other names that are connected to our tree in some way, usually by marriage. If you'd like to join a Pearson Mailing List or find Other Places To Search your Pearson surname look here.

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