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Pickard Family Pg. 2

Notes From Catherine Webb


This is William Pickard's War Claim transcribed from:


United Empire Loyalists Enquiry into the losses and Services in Consequence

of Their Loyalty Evidence in the Canadian Claims - Second Report of the

Bureau of Archives For the Province of Ontario. By Alexander Fraser Part II


Proceedings of Loyalist Commissioners Montreal 1787 Vol XX Before Commissioner Pemberton


815. Claim of Wm PICKARD, late of Pensilva.

Claimt. says

He is a native of America. Lived in Susquehana in Pensilva. Always

supported Brit. Govert. He & his 2 Sons left home to join Col. Butler in

'77. Joined him. Served in the Rangers He & one of his sons were

privates, the other was a Drummer. Served all the war. Lives now at Niagara.

Had some Land in Westmoreland, 300 acres. Had no Deed or Lease, but had

made Improvmts. & lived there. He built a House & sort of Barn. There was

a great dispute between Pensilva. & Connect. as to which State the Land lay

within when he went to settle there. He cleared about 24 acres. His house

& Barn were burnt by rebels.

He had some Land in Tryon Co., purchased of Jacob & Philip Skyler. It

consisted chiefly of Islands in the Mohawk river. 3 acres of Land on the

Bank. He had a Deed of it.

He gave some other Lands in exchange for it.

It was a great while ago.

He let it to Jacob Skyler of whom he purchased it when he went to

Susquehana, partly for money, partly to have cattle, but has received

nothing from it.

Vals. it at 150 (pounds). Has heard that it was sold by Commrs. because

Claimt. was a Tory. There were about 10 acres clear of this Land. Has

heard it has been bought by a nephew of Claimt.'s who is now in Possession.

Lost Cattle & Goods on Susquehana. 5 milch Cows, 2 young cereature, Grain,

224 bushels & 16, 2 horses, 8 Hogs, furniture, utensils. Left on his place

when he went away. Taken by the Indians & Rebels. Lost Crop on ye ground.

Says he sometimes hears his Estates has been sold. Sometimes not.


FREDERICK SMITH, Wits; Says Claimt. had Improvemnts. in Westmoreland on

the Susquehana. Had cleared 20 acres. He had settled upon it. It was not

conveyed to him. He built House & Barn, since burnt. Knew his other Lands

in Tryon Co. His nephew now has them. He had a good stock; 5 Cows, 2

horses, 2 young creatures &c. They were taken & destroyed by the Rebels.

He served in the Rangers from beginning to end of war. He had 2 Sons in

the Rangers.


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