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US Census 1790

The following information came from the Pearson mailing list. To join this list see instructions on our Misc Records Page or go directly to RootsWeb.

Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999


Subject: Census of 1790

Below are listed the names of all the heads of families bearing the name

Pearson in 12 of the 13 original states (the schedules of Delaware having

been destroyed in 1812, and those of Virginia having been reconstructed from

state enumerations taken in 1782, 1783,and 1785). The list numbers over 200

family heads in the states of Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts,

New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South

Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia. Following the name is the county or

district (in the case of North and South Carolina) of domicile of the

particular individual. Additional names from a reconstructed 1800 census

schedule (compiled from lists of taxpayers) for the state of Kentucky are

also included.




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Pearson, Isaac Jefferson

Pearson, Joseph Jefferson

Pearson, Moses Nelson

Pearson, Thomas Jefferson




Pearson, Mark Lincoln

Pearson, Thomas Cumberland

Pearson, William Lincoln




Pearson, John Talbot

Pearson, Mary Ann-Arundel

Pearson, Thomas Ann-Arundel

Pearson, William Talbot

Pearons, William Talbot




Pearson, Abiel Essex

Pearson, Amos Essex

Pearson, Benjamin Essex

Pearson, Benjamin Essex

Pearson, Benjamin Jr. Essex

Pearson, Daniel Essex

Pearson, David Essex

Pearson, David Essex

Pearson, Elizabeth Essex

Pearson, Enoch Essex

Pearson, Isaac G Essex

Pearson, Jacob Essex

Pearson, James Essex

Pearson, James Suffolk

Pearson, Jeremiah Essex

Pearson, Jeremiah Essex

Pearson, Jesse Essex

Pearson, John Essex

Pearson, John Essex

Pearson, John Essex

Pearson, John Essex

Pearson,John Essex

Pearson, Jonathan Essex

Pearson, Jonathan Essex

Pearson, Jonathan Essex

Pearson, Joseph Essex

Pearson, Joseph Essex

Pearson, Joseph Suffolk

Pearson, Mariner Essex

Pearson, Moses Essex

Pearson, Moses Essex

Pearson, MOses Essex

Pearson, Nathan Essex

Pearson, Noyes Essex

Pearson, Patience Essex

Pearson, Robert Essex

Pearson, Rueben Essex

Pearson, Samuel Essex

Pearson, Samuel Hampshire

Pearson, Simeon Essex

Pearson, Solomon Essex

Pearson, Silas Essex

Pearson, Theodore Essex

Pearson, Thomas Essex

Pearson, William Essex




Pearson, Dole Rockingham

Pearson, Edmund Rockingham

Pearson, Jacob Rockingham

Pearson, John Stafford

Pearson, Joseph Grafton

Pearson, Joseph Stafford

Pearson, Samuel Hillsborough

Pearson, Timothy Rockingham

Pearson, William Cheshire




Pearson, Abraham Suffolk

Pearson, Benjamin Suffolk

Pearson, Daniel Suffolk

Pearson, David Jr Suffolk

Pearson, DAvid Sr Suffolk

Pearson, John 6th Suffolk

Pearson, Lemuel Suffolk

Pearson, Lemuel Jr Suffolk

Pearson, Matthew Suffolk

Pearson, Matthew Suffolk

Pearson, Nathan Suffolk

Pearson, Samuel Suffolk

Pearson, Seth Suffolk

Pearson, Silvenus Suffolk

Pearson, Stephen Suffolk

Pearson, Theophilus Suffolk

Pearson, Timothy Suffolk

Pearson, Thomas Kings

Pearson, William Suffolk




Pearson, Christe Morgan

Pearson, Christopher Newbern

Pearson, Eleazor Edenton

Pearson, George Halifax

Pearson, George Morgan

Pearson, George JR Morgan

Pearson, Jacob Hillsborough

Pearson, James Morgan

Pearson, John Morgan

Pearson, John Newbern

Pearson, JOhn Salisbury

Pearson, JOhn Wilmington

Pearson, Michal Morgan

Pearson, Parish Hillsborough

Pearson, Samuel Hillsborough

Pearson, Sullivan Salisbury

Pearson, Thomas Morgan

Pearson, Thomas Wilmington

Pearson, Thomas P Newbern

Pearson, William Edenton




Pearson, Anthony Philadelphia

Pearson, Benjamin Berks

Pearson, Beven Delaware

Pearson, Charles Delaware

Pearson, Cripin Bucks

Pearson, Elijah Berks

Pearson, Ephram Delaware

Pearson, George Delaware

Pearson, Isaac Bucks

Pearson, James Philadelphia

Pearson, James Philadelphia

Pearson, James Philadelphia

Pearson, Jesse Berks

Pearson, John Fayette

Pearson, Jonathan Delaware

Pearson, Jonathan MOntgomery

Pearson, Jonathan Delaware

Pearson, Joseph Delaware

Pearson, Lawrence Bucks

Pearson, Lawrence Bucks

Pearson, Lydia Delaware

Pearson, Nathan Delaware

Pearson, Philip Bucks

Pearson, Samuel Philadelphia

Pearson, Thomas Berks

Pearson, Thomas Bucks

Pearson, Thomas Mifflin

Pearon, William Chester

Pearson, William Philadelphia

Pearson, William Philadelphia








Pearson, Aaron Cheraw

Pearson, Abell Ninety-six

Pearson, Charles Ninety-six

Pearson, Charles Ninety-six

Pearson, Franky Ninety-six

Pearson, Henry Ninety-six

Pearson, James Camden

Pearson, Jesse Orangeburgh

Pearson, John Ninety-six

Pearson, John Ninety-six

Pearson, JOhn Ninety-six

Pearson, JOhn Orangeburgh

Pearson, Jonadab Orangeburgh

Pearson, Joseph Ninety-six

Pearson, Margaret Ninety-six

Pearson, Mary Camden

Pearson, Moses Cheraw

Pearson, Phoebe Ninety-six

Pearson, Samuel Ninety-six

Pearson, Sarah Cheraw

Pearson, William Ninety-six

Pearson, William Ninety-six








Pearson, Charles New Kent

Pearson, Charles New Kent

Pearson, DAvid Amelia

Pearson, David Hampshire

Pearson, John New Kent

Pearson, John Pittsylvania

Pearson, Maggy Williamsburg

Pearson, NIcholas Fairfax

Pearson, REbecca New Kent

Pearson, Richard Pittsylvania

Pearson, Robert Orange

Pearson, Robert Orange

Pearson, Sarah Lancaster

Pearson, Sherwood Charolotte

Pearson, Sherwood Pittsylvania

Pearson, Simon Fairfax

Pearson, Simon Fairfax

Pearson, Thomas Fairfax

Pearson, William New Kent


End of PEARSON-D Digest V99 Issue #13


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