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The following is just a small selection of what you can find at the Surname Search on Roots Web. You can view these messages plus many more and contact the submitters HERE.

Pearson c1785 ____ NC>KY>TN>MO,USA melling

Pearson1575 now CHS,ENG>Bucks,PA shanan

Pearson1585 now CHS,ENG>PA>VA>SC>IN>NE>CO pdbg

Pearson1600 now ENG>PA>VA>SC>OH,USA spear

Pearson1600 now SCT>IRL>PA>VA>NC>SC>AL>MS>IN>OH,USA lalmsted

Pearson1600 1700 ENG>USA lpearson

Pearson1600 1796 ENG>NC>IN,USA jrlong

Pearson1600 1802 NRY,ENG psouth

Pearson1600 1900 ENG>PA>Newberry,SC>OH>IN>NE,USA lmaynard

Pearson1600 1834 ENG>NC>OK kilee

Pearson1600 now LND,ENG eric1

Pearson1600 1900 MD>Johnston Co,NC>PeeDee,SC glennp

Pearson1600s 1842 VA>NC>SC>MS>LA,USA mars

Pearson1605 now IsleOfEly,ENG>VA>AL>AR,USA margies2

Pearson1606 ---- PA,USA wwe

Pearson1610 1842 MA>VT>NY>OH>MI elainejo

Pearson1615 1691 YKS,ENG>FairfieldCo,CT/NewLondonCo,CT>MA, ericksne

USA Pearson1615 1710 KirbyLonsdale,WES,ENG wardjc

Pearson1616 now PownallFee,Chester,ENG>ChesterCo,PA>OH>IA, khanley

Pearson1616 1770 ENG>MA>CT,USA jwanless

Pearson1619 1915 ENG>PerquimansCo/WayneCo,NC>Starkville,MS, wpurdom

Pearson1619 1915 ENG>PerquimansCo>WayneCo,NC>Starkville,MS, wpurdom

Pearson1640 now massachusetts abiel

Pearson1645 1750 ENG>PerquimansCo,NC,USA shill2

Pearson1648 1900 CHS,ENG>ChesterCo,PA>FrederickCo,VA>SC>OH> cecebib

Pearson1650 now CHS>LND>BRB>VA>FairfieldCo,SC>TX,USA jpadams

Pearson1650 1750 Philadelphia,PA,USA lpearson

Pearson1650 1780 VA>KY,USA beckyg

Pearson1650 1916 ChesterCo,PA>TN,USA gowest

Pearson1658 now EssexCo,MA>BerksCo,PA>AlleghenyCo,PA>PortageCo, fenenga OH>SD,USA

Pearson1668 1668 PA,USA cfauber

Pearson1670 now massachusetts abiel

Pearson1676 1750 Whitkirk,YKS,ENG>Rothwell,YKS,ENG emorgan

Pearson1686 1906 ENG>NottinghamTwp,NJ,USA snapper

Pearson1689 1836 PA>AL tweety65 Pearson and wife Margery Ellen Smith

Pearson1690 1995 PA>OH>IN>MO,USA fwhitake

Pearson1690 1997 SCT>MA>ME UNCLEBRU

Pearson1690 1997 ENG>MA<ME,USA UNCLEBRU

Pearson1690 now CAM,ENG reardon

Pearson1700 now LaurensCo,SC,USA rhita

Pearson1700 now YKS>Barrow-in-Furness,LAN>ENG guy

Pearson1700 1829 RichlandCo,SC>TX,USA jpadams

Pearson1700 1900 MercerCo,NJ,USA anitclay

Pearson1700 1999 Nantucket>CT AMAmail Pearson<Blake<Trask<Coffin

Pearson1700 now "STS,ENG>AUS" jeancatt

Pearson1700 1940 YKS>LND,ENG paters

Pearson1700 1730 Rior,CT KLOV

Pearson1700 1800 Bucks Co,PA vanbus1 Edward,,Enoch, William, Margery m S Cary

Pearson1700 now NBL,ENG spoor see JUDD family tree link

Pearson1700 now Danby,NRY,ENG jdickso

PEARSON1700 1900 LIN,ENG stsincl

Pearson1700 now Norfolk, uk all9989 Tuttington/Colby

Pearson 1705 1705 StaffordCo,VA,USA mproctor

Pearson 1713 now NC>SC,USA meanwood

Pearson 1714 now FalaDam>Campbeltown>Glasgow,SCT>VIC,AUS janepoul

Pearson 1720 1895 Belford,NBL,ENG gilray

Pearson 1721 1824 USA eslopez

Pearson 1723 1999 VA>SC meemums

Pearson 1729 now Brewhouse Yard,NTT,ENG spostles

Pearson 1730 now norton,,massachusetts abiel

Pearson 1735 now PA,USA mcnamee

Pearson 1736 1845 Rockingham,NC>Lawrence,AL,USA jayna

Pearson 1740 1987 CUL,ENG>ZAF hayes

Pearson 1743 1881 STS,ENG ktonks

Pearson 1747 1822 BucksCo,PA dfranken

Pearson 1750 ---- Bucks,PA>HawkinsCo,TN,USA jenterry

Pearson 1750 now VA>AL,USA huggins

Pearson 1750 ---- Tickhill,WRY>Gainsborough,LIN>LND,ENG rpearson

Pearson 1750 1833 NC>OH,USA brackney

Pearson 1750 1890 Pannal,YKS,ENG>PA,USA genie

Pearson 1750 1900 BKM,ENG>SA,AUS jaycjay Ashendon

Pearson 1750 1900 NBL, ENG LynneAl Thomas Pearson

Pearson 1753 now ENG>FranklinCo,VA>McNairyCo,TN>Newton>JasperCo, jbowrho b.1753,Pvt,Artillery,VA MO>OsageCo,OK Line, Rev.War &Des.

Pearson 1753 1939 ON,CAN>PA>OH>IL>CA,USA mrhynard

Pearson1755 NC>Lincoln Co.TN disdsh

Pearson1760 1845 MD>GuilfordCo,NC>LawrenceCo,AL,USA burd

Pearson1760 now wilmington,,massachusetts abiel

Pearson1761 now WAR,ENG>OH>IL>CA>PA,USA mdezort

 Pearson1761 now WRY,ENG ep1938 Scholes, Lightcliffe

Pearson1765 now CumberlandCo,ENG>CAN>NY>OH,USA halbeise

Pearson1765 1765 NH,USA debbrich

 Pearson1765 1888 Warren,NC>Yalobusha,MS,USA mfreeman James>Isaac Overton

Pearson1765 now PER,SCT beturner m James Kirk

Pearson1769 1864 SC>AL,USA bhabig

Pearson1770 1869 Shields,NBL>Shields,DUR,ENG jehuk

Pearson1770 1975 YKS,ENG>LenaweeCo,MI>IL>NE>OR,USA karbarn

Pearson1770 1850 Thorne,YKS,ENG pbelleg

Pearson1774 1819 Bilston/Willenhall,STS,ENG bratt

Pearson1775 ---- Frittenden,KEN,ENG lyncla

Pearson1775 1800 FrederickCo,VA,USA sharyn

Pearson1778 now MS youngn

Pearson1779 now OldSwinford,ENG monster

Pearson1779 1959 NC>WalkerCo,GA>TN>AL>TravisCo,TX,USA gsm

Pearson1780 1850 Basford,NTT,ENG swaings

Pearson1780 now VA>KY>IL>MO,USA Zully

Pearson1785 ---- Ruston,YKS,ENG mwoodau

Pearson1785 1811 IRL vickalex

Pearson1785 1912 VA>LauderdaleCo,AL>HuntCo,TX,USA vtexan

Pearson1786 ---- ?>NC,USA carctree

Pearson 1786 now PrinceWilliamCo,VA>OH>IA>MO,USA jerrpear

Pearson 1786 1786 VA,USA jimr

Pearson 1786 1817 Philadelphia,PA,USA cathf

Pearson 1786 now Pethshire,SCT>LND,ENG roypear

Pearson 1787 1807 Tottenham,MDX,ENG chalkley

Pearson 1790 1880 SC>TN>Lawrance,MS,USA kparks

Pearson 1790 1950 SC,USA melodom

Pearson 1790 1900 VA>KY>IN>IL>IN OH? NC? mep1

Pearson 1791 now LND,ENG>QC,CAN>USA realrod

Pearson 1793 now IRL>PA>NewYork,NY,USA>ON>MB>ON,CAN pearsonl

Pearson 1795 1939 SC>GA>AL,USA drlarr of James Pearson (b1795)

Pearson 1796 1880 ENG bettyhop

Pearson 1797 now ENG>ON,CAN>MI,USA ejohng William

Pearson 1797 1850 NC>OH>IA psdav b.1797 NC, Catherine, Sitnah Ann

Pearson 1800 now SWE>SK,CAN AmberW

Pearson 1800 ---- GA>MS,USA coopring

Pearson 1800 now AL>MS,USA tlcurry

Pearson 1800 now ENG>NF,CAN jasopear

Pearson 1800 now HowardCo,MO>SalineCo,MO,USA hhodges

Pearson 1800 now Leeds,YKS,ENG>ON,CAN>NiagaraFalls,NY>NE,USA epearson

Pearson 1800 now MecklenbergCo,VA,USA ceearm

Pearson 1800 now NB,CAN nortonj

Pearson 1800 now NH>PA>MeisCo,OH>WV>OH,USA jpierson

Pearson 1800 now SpartanburgCo,SC,USA rebekahg

Pearson1800 now Wibsey,YKS,ENG janita

Pearson1800 ---- OH>MO>KS,USA bunny

Pearson1800 1880 Poplar,KEN,ENG sheehan

Pearson1800 1896 PA>OH>IN>IA,USA wrightp

Pearson1800 1899 ClarkCo,AL jbowrho Rueben& Nancy Short Pearson

Pearson1800 1900 LAN,ENG lann

Pearson1800 1900 NC>TallapoosaCo,AL>WhiteCo,AR,USA shannonl

Pearson1800 1919 KY>IL,USA joangen

Pearson1800 1950 DUR,ENG rmalabar

Pearson1800 now LKS>YKS>LKS>DEV,ENG>MB,CAN val

Pearson1800 now Sheffield,ENG pearsonr

Pearson1800 now YKS,ENG>BureauCo,IL,USA tpearson

Pearson1800 1900 "NBL,ENG>BC,CAN" TMarmo

Pearson1800 now AR hwy56

Pearson1800 now CAN>Bangor,ME>MA,USA spearson grandfather's line. His name was Burt Pearson from somewhere in Canada.

Pearson1800 now worldwide kgosser

Pearson1800 1860 TN Conjody Sherwood/Elizabeth

Pearson1800 now SpartanburgCo,SC Irishrac

Pearson1800 1912 NS,CAN Pacoll

Pearson1800 now VIC,AUS jacintak

Pearson1800 now DUR hadleigh Stella Lariona

Pearson1800 now USA Lorcalon married to Molton Cicero Fox

Pearson1800 1900 WAR,ENG grumbold

Pearson1800 now Waupley,NRY,ENG jdickso

Pearson1800 now IN temiller

PEARSON1800 now Clarke Co., MS OLong

Pearson1800 1870 VermilionCo,IL>IA rganken Sydney

Pearson1800 1850 Lancs UK cethor1

PEARSON1800 2000 LDN davidram

Pearson1800 Now on,can dpoulin henry

Pearson1800 now Lenton/Radford, NTT, ENG jayne

Pearson1800's Sweden>PA farfar

Pearson1801 1889 ChathamCo,NC spearcar

Pearson1802 ---- WestBromich,STS,ENG whobson

Pearson1802 1900 PA>VA>WV,USA bbower

Pearson1802 1900 SC>NC,USA ehuebner

Pearson1802 1905 ENG>LawrenceCo,PA,USA gartley

Pearson1802 1926 ENG>PA>McDonoughCo,IL,USA gartley

Pearson1805 ---- CUL,ENG leahdent

Pearson1805 now CHS,ENG sbrandis

Pearson1805 ---- SpartanburgCo,SC>Cass,BartowCo,GA,USA philwhee

Pearson1807 ---- Wakefield,YKS,ENG>VIC,AUS leahdent

Pearson1808 1932 Radford>Northallerton,ENG maxwell

Pearson1809 1919 KY>IL,USA joangen

Pearson1810 now SC>BarbourCo,AL,USA neabsco

Pearson1810 now WarrenCo,NC>GA>AL>MS>LA,USA jrstwrtj

Pearson1810 1900 YKS>ClarkCo,OH>HardinCo,OH,USA wandad

Pearson1810 1918 Exeter,NH>GreenCo,WI>ChickasawCo,IA,USA louannc

Pearson1810 1880 MS,USA elafren

Pearson1810 1848 Bradford>SaukCo,WI naturel

Pearson 1811 now ANS,SCT dpear915

Pearson 1812 now Stockport,ENG>NH>CT,USA bpearson

Pearson 1812 1866 ENG>DEU>FranklinCo,FL,USA butch48

Pearson 1813 1887 TN clontz married Davis

Pearson 1814 now ChathamCo,NC>SumnerCo,TN>Simpson Co., KY, spearcar USA>Warren Co. KY, USA

Pearson 1815 ---- OH>MO>IA,USA ahawn

Pearson 1815 ---- TN>KY>Filmore,MO>Browning,MO>Chicago,IL,USA standlee

Pearson 1815 now VA>OH davidcot

Pearson 1815 1850 Meriweather>Marion,GA mornamc Lydia mar. Henry Morris

Pearson 1817 now ENG>BRA>CHL>ARG>USA cmcgrath

 Pearson 1818 1940 Leeds,YKS,ENG>Bengal,IND>YKS,ENG>ON>AB>BC, xlindag CAN

Pearson 1819 now STS,ENG>IL,USA ronutz

Pearson 1820 ---- Coldstream,PER,SCT>VIC,AUS jenwy

Pearson 1820 ---- WarrenCo,KY,USA fdodd

Pearson 1820 1900 IL,USA jhanny

Pearson 1820 1900 TN,USA ghass

Pearson 1820 1915 Vastergotland,SWE>Chariton,IA>Rockford,IL, katerpoo USA

Pearson 1820 1950 StClair>Lawrence>WinstonCo,AL>TN>MS>AR,USA johnpear

Pearson 1820 1835 "PearsonsBridge,VA>IN" dstiles Wm d.1854>Rachel 1844

Pearson 1820 1900 St Pancras,MDX>LND,ENG janab

Pearson 1820 now ENG>ON,CAN frerichs John Pearson & Mary E M Stubbs

PEARSON1820 1900 NC>Choctaw Co., AL OLong pearson 1821 now ms raynmary

Pearson1821 now VA, TN, TX kap1965

Pearson 1822 now ENG>ClayCo,IL,USA kg4kin

Pearson 1822 1960 TN>NC>CA tp4630

Pearson 1823 now Coventry,ENG>IL>OH>PA,USA mdezort

Pearson 1823 1873 VA>TN>MO fifi PIERSON

Pearson 1824 1999 Ottawa,CAN>MN>WA>OR jen37

Pearson 1825 now PA?>?>HawkinsCo,TN,USA linor

Pearson 1826 1898 Marie,MI,USA gsproed

Pearson 1826 1905 AL,USA cathek

Pearson 1827 1916 AthensCo,OH>OK,USA cworkmon

Pearson 1827 now Portsmouth,VA pp7173 Wm T. m Susan Hyslop>Lafayette/Medora/Wm/Chas/Harrie/Annie

Pearson 1828 now KY hammie Talitha

Pearson 1829 1864 Fauquier Co,VA wereine

Pearson 1830 now NC>MS>AR,USA barmc

Pearson 1830 now WV>TN>Quittman,AR>Tulia,TX>AZ>CA>NV,USA mbrook

Pearson 1830 1852 SCT digger

Pearson 1830 now BuenosAyres,ARG>VIC,AUS mpmardel

Pearson 1830 1945 TN>MS,USA mcboggs

Pearson 1830 now ENG>SYD,AUS raj William

Pearson 1830 1950 TN>AL>TX JeanMc

Pearson 1830 1950 GreeneCo,GA crippent

Pearson 1830 now KEN,ENG katlink

Pearson 1830 now LIN,ENG>Peoria>Livingston Co,IL>IA>NE hadley

Pearson 1831 1863 YazooCo,MS,USA bmoore22

Pearson 1831 1996 YKS,ENG>NiagaraFalls,NY>Ponca,NE>Spokane, bobwelchWA

Pearson1831+ kilconquhar fife jessiewa

Pearson 1832 1921 KY>MO,USA anget

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