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John Parker Pearson
Second son of
George Pearson and Mabel Lillian Ford

Circa Early 1900's

Notes From V. Pincombe on the S.S. Keewatin:

The Assinaboia and Keewatin were sister ships. Dad was first mate on the Assinaboia for many years. He became master of the Alberta and the Manitoba and finally the Kee. The Boat Train brought the passengers from Toronto to our dock and met the ships on their return. They travelled from Port, through Sault St. Marie to Fort William.

Notes From V. Pincombe on the S.S. Keewatin:

Last of the classic steamships on the Great Lakes. She was built in 1907. After 57 years of service, the Keewatin is now a marine museum, moored at Saugatuck on Lake Michigan.

Circa 1930's

Obituary - The E.B. (Enterprises Bulletin) 4/12/1941 P/C 2:

"Skipper Pearson died amid preparations for last trip. Widely known Capt. CPR Steamer Keewatin. Son of former freighter master. Capt. John Parker Pearson, member of a family which for three generations has written Great Lake history is dead: stricken by a heart attack at his home early Monday evening, he passed away with shocking suddenness. Himself one of the best known members of the Great Lakes fraternity of master mariners, he was the 2nd son of the late Capt. George W. Pearson of Owen Sound, formerly master of several of the best known freighters of the Canadian Steamship lines. His grandfather, John Pearson of Owen Sound was one of the pioneer boat owners on the upper Lakes. Born Owen Sound 56 years ago. In 1932 he became master of the Alberta. Then First Officer of the Assiniboa 1937, master of the S.S. Manitoba, 1939 S.S. Keewatin. Married 1914 to Leah Davis and since has made his home at Port McNicoll. Three children, Jack, a former customs officer at Port McNicholl who has been in Britain with the R.C.A.F. since April 1941; Virginia and June, both at home, one sister Kathleen Pearson of Owen Sound. Three brothers predeceased him. Frank, dying suddenly at Fort Francis in August 1940, James having succumbed to the effect of First Great War wounds in 1926 and George dying in boyhood. His mother passed away in Owen Sound in May 1940. His father 1931. Member of the R.C. Church, golfer and curler. Buried St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery Owen Sound.

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