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John Pearson and Phoebe Catherine Campbell

Pictured here with one of their children circa mid 1800's

Notes from David Tupper (Historian) re St. George's Church in Owen Sound:

There is a church record of the pew number of the Pearson family in the original St. George's Church when it was a log building located on Boyd Street. John Pearson rented pew #2 at $12 per annum and he rented the complete pew. It was common to rent one sitting or half of the pew. Likely it would be 5 or 6 people. John Pearson was a warden of the church in 1861 along with George James Gales. It is a good guess that he acted as People's Warden since George James Gales had been warden at the time of the incorporation of the parish. In the present 1881 church building, there are two windows on the north side of the nave, one window illustrating the parable of the sower and the other window of the good shepherd. The windows are dedicated to John Pearson and his wife Phoebe Catherine. Following is a description of the interior of the church that was supplied by an early parishioner who wrote to a rector in the 1920's. Being a pioneer church, there were many amenities not often found on the frontiers. This letter comes from the Rev. Canon Percival L. Spencer who was a young lad in the 1850's. The Spencer family was very prominent in Owen Sound.

 "After I became a permanent resident in 1859, I attended and became a pupil in the Sunday School. The church contained a gallery at the West end and a center aisle down the nave. There was a double row of pews furnished with doors, the pew ends being fastened to the wall. A small melodeon was given to the church before the enlargement by Toronto friends of Mrs. Charles Rankin, who came with her husband, the county surveyor in 1850."

Notes from Owen Sound Archives regarding Catherine Cassilia Pearson:

In 1917, Miss Cassie Pearson who taught at Strathcona Public School in Owen Sound for many years was listed as living at 311 9th St. West. She later lived at Beardman House Boarding Home in Owen Sound. Cassie reportedly had a stained glass window dedicated to her parents, John and Phoebe at St. George's Anglican Church.

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