Frederick Smith

Notes From Catherine Webb

Frederick Smith's War Claim:

FREDERICK SMITH, Wits; Says Claimt. had Improvemnts. in Westmoreland on

the Susquehana. Had cleared 20 acres. He had settled upon it. It was not

conveyed to him. He built House & Barn, since burnt. Knew his other Lands

in Tryon Co. His nephew now has them. He had a good stock; 5 Cows, 2

horses, 2 young creatures &c. They were taken & destroyed by the Rebels.

He served in the Rangers from beginning to end of war. He had 2 Sons in

the Rangers.

Notes from Butler's Rangers:

Smith, Frederick Senior. Private. Native of Germany. Settled at Westmoreland, Pa. Prisoner of War 25 Oct 1781 to 24 Dec 1783. Hel in "the New Goal" at Philadelphia, 5 Feb 1782. In Caldwell's company, with three children in 1783. Wife and four children in 1786. Land entitlement in 1792 totalled 300 acres. Settled at Marysburg. Three children granted land as children of a UE Loyalist.

The primary source for this material, and the place for most original BR material, is the Haldimand Papers. Microfilm copies are held by major libraries.


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